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Yes, you have to go through customs at CDG. Whether you use the first, second, or third terminal, you must pass through customs and control. However, this process should be fine with you because it takes a little time. Generally, expect to use between ten minutes and one hour if you leave the aircraft with the first group of passengers.

You can, however, leave the transit area and even the airport if you want to. You will need to clear with immigration once more on your way back to the terminal. Please note that citizens from some countries must have a visa to be allowed to leave the transit area.

How do customs work at CDG airport?

You will need to pass through French Customs after baggage reclaims so that you can be allowed to enter the public areas. Passengers not exceeding the duty-free allowance will not be obligated to declare anything. This means that such passengers are allowed to go directly to the exit doors. Other passengers must stop at the French Customs office.

What questions do customs ask at CDG?

While there is no sure template of the questions you are likely to be asked at CDG airport, you can expect to be asked the following common questions:

  • Why are you visiting France?
  • Where will you be staying while you are in France?
  • Where will you be staying while in France?
  • How long will you be staying in the country?
  • What is your occupation?

The questions asked at customs are simple, so you shouldn’t have to prepare for them. They are questions where you will have questions at your fingertips.

What do I need to declare at French customs?

You will only need to declare gifts and goods bought or received outside Europe if the goods exceed certain thresholds. If you carry over ten thousand euros in cash when entering or leaving France, you must declare this to the Customs Authorities. The same rules apply if you have ten thousand euros in travelers’ checks and money orders. It is possible to declare this amount online two days before arriving in the country.

What can you not bring to France?

All counterfeit products are prohibited in France. If anyone is caught with counterfeit products at the airport, they risk serious fines and jail time. Counterfeit products concern all areas, including toys, medicine, domestic appliances, cigarette, digital products, software, and spare parts.

Can I carry food to France?

No, you cannot bring food into school or any other European Union (EU) country. People are especially not allowed to take meat, milk, or products containing milk and meat into the country. However, there are some exceptions for medical reasons. For example, certain powdered infant milk or food could be allowed into the country if the foods are for medical reasons. Please check the rules and regulations about taking food into the county through the European Commission website.

Wrapping Up

You must go through the French Customs Authorities when entering the country. Remember that counterfeit products could lead to huge fines or jail time. If you need Chauffeur service in Paris, we’ve got you covered. We offer limousine services in France and will take you from the airport to your preferred destination.