What is the policy of privacy is for ?

Within the framework of its activity Signature Prestige, 18 Avenue des Champs Élysée 75008 Paris registered in the RCS of Bobigny 818 332 272 proceeds to the personal data processing by respecting the regulations in force is the Law n°78-17 of January 6th 1978, relative to the computing, to the files and to the liberties modified and the general regulation on the personal data protection of April 27th, 2016 coming into force on May 25th, 2018.

Signature Prestige makes a commitment to respect your data and to handle them with all the necessary precaution.

The present policy of privacy defines and informs you about the way Signature Prestige uses and protects the information which you transmit him, where necessary, when you use the present web site from the following URL:

By connecting and by using the departments of the web site Signature Prestige, you accept the present policy of privacy.

The information for which we ask is the ones which are strictly essential in the use of our departments.

1. Définition

The Cookies :

Cookies are small files put down on the hard disk without knowing the USER during the consultation of certain web sites, and which can of information with the aim of a later connection. (see § Les cookies).

The personal Datum:

Any information concerning an identified physical person or who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in reference to a number of identification or in reference to one or several elements of his/her own. For example, the e-mail address of the USER.

The Publisher :

The person, physical or moral, who edits the departments of communication to the on-line public, that is for this internal site : Signature Prestige 18 Avenue des Champs Élysée 75008 Paris, registration number RCS de Bobigny 818 332 272.

The user :

The person (using the website, the departments, and services provide by le site internet, les services, Signature Prestige).

The Processing of personal data :

Any operations or any set operations concerning such data, whatever is the used process (the collection, the recording, the organization, the preservation, the adaptation or the modification, the extraction, the consultation, the use, the communication by transmission, broadcasting or any other shape of provision, the link or the interconnection, the locking, the disappearance or the destruction).

2. Manager of the processing

The manager of the treatment of your personal data is represented by Oumarou Touré de la société Signature Prestige, 18 Avenue des Champs Élysée 75008 Paris, immatriculé au RCS de Bobigny 818 332 272.

3. Collected data

By the present document, Signature Prestige informs you clearly about the personal data processings which it implements within the framework of its activity, how the data are collected, used and protected.

THE USER has the right to ask the person in charge of processing, that is Oumarou Touré – Signature Prestige:

  • The access to the supplied personal data;
  • The rectification or the disappearance of these;
  • A limitation of the processing concerning his person;
  • To oppose the processing;
  • In the portability of the data;

With the preliminary consent of the USER, when he uses our media we may collect and handle all or part of the following data:

  • Name, first name;
  • E-mail address;
  • Phone number;
  • Mailing address;
  • Your job ;
  • Name of your web site;
  • Other…

3.1. Purposes of the collected of personal data, used and kept

The purpose of a process is defined as the main objective of an IT application of personal data.

In the case of Signature Prestige, these purposes are clear and expressed below:

  • Manage customers, prospects, other: an information, a documentation, an audit, an estimate, an application in an employment, a partnership agreement;
  • Send personalized e-mailings;
  • Supply the information or the services for which you asked;
  • Subscribe to a list to receive by e-mail a notification every time a new blog posting is created on the web site;
  • Formulate a comment further to the reading of a blog posting or a comment on a blog posting;
  • Collect information allowing us to improve our web site, our products and services (in particular by means of cookies);
  • Be able to contact you about various events relative to Signature Prestige including in particular the update of products and customer support.

Every process has a precise purpose, defined by every form. Signature Prestige makes a commitment not to use the personal data collected for another purpose without asking for more of a new consent to the USER.

We handle your personal data on the basis of the explicit consent which you gave for that purpose.

The contact forms, audit:


The information communicated by the USER, in minima, is necessary to answer his precise request according to the nature defined by the aforementioned form, for the needs for the service.


No personal datum is stored in our waiter, only two e-mails of notification are sent with the passed on personal data:

To the person concerned by the object of the form of the company Signature prestige to answer the request. The e-mail will be kept the time of the treatment of the request, the contractual relation;

To the USER having informed the form.

Further information:

You will not supply false name specific information or another person without its authorization. Your address and phone number will always have to be exact and up to date.

The submit data do not have to include of sensitive personal data, the governmental identifying type (as the numbers of Social Security, driving licence, or the numbers of taxpayer’s identification), complete numbers of credit card or personal bank account, medical cases or information relative to demands of care associated with people, without this list is exhaustive. The data are kept during the time of the subscription of the USER.

RECAPTCHA “iam not a robot” :

To avoid that robots use the contact forms, Signature Prestige uses the solution reCaptcha de Google® («iam not a robot»).

This tool allows to confirm a human and voluntary act by means of a simple checkbox. This compartment is sometimes coupled with the selection of images corresponding to the wanted theme (ex: select the images presenting a shop window of store or a pizza) or to the rewriting of a text from an image (in particular panels of places and directions).

This plan gets back information:

  • When the user has to copy out a sentence from an image, this image comes generally from a photo taken by Googles them Coaches. It so allows Google to translate word for word a sign, but also to improve its algorithm of decoding of signs.
  • During the differentiation of images, even there, the images from Google Coaches and allow Google to refine its algorithm by distinguishing a store of a house or a factory.

Statistics of attendance:

Signature Prestige use Google Analytics© (open- source solution).

We collect technical data and profiling for the following needs: certain technical data of your device are automatically collected by the web site. This information includes in particular your IP address, material configuration, software, typical configuration and language of the browser… The collection of these data is necessary for the supply of the departments.

We collected technical data for commercial purposes and statistical:

The technical data of your device are automatically collected and registered by the commercial and statistical website. This information helps us to personalize and to improve constantly your experiment on our web site. We do not collect nor preserve no name specific datum (name, first name, address) possibly attached to a technical datum.

Any collected data stay in the unique use of the company Signature Prestige.


Google Analytics is exempted from the collection of the consent, under respect for the following conditions:

A mechanism of opposition must be simply accessible simply and must be able to be usable on all the browsers, and all the types of terminals (including smartphones and tablets);

The collected data must not be recut with other processings (customer databases or statistics of attendance of the other web sites for example);

The put down cookie has to be only of use to the production of anonymous statistics;

The cookie does not have to allow to follow the navigation of the Internet user on other web sites;

The IP address allowing to geolocalisation the Internet user was have to be more precise than the scale of the city. Concretely the last two octets of the IP address must be deleted ;

Cookies allowing the traceability of the Internet users and IP addresses must not be kept beyond 13 months as from the first internet visit.

A consent of the USER will be asked through a pop-up “cookies”, a present on all the pages of the web site in the center of the page. None cookies will be settled without his consent. This consent maybe removed from all moment.

See § 4. Use of cookies


Signature Prestige publishes on its web site customers’ testimonies, containing information on the name, the first name, photo of his customers and their titles. Signature Prestige makes a commitment to obtain the authorization of every customer before publication on the web site of any testimony. If you wish to be removed from the list, you can contact us by clicking this link and we shall delete your information very quickly.

3.2. Addressees of the data

Third parties data

Subject to what is indicated in the present data protection policy personal or unless we beforehand obtained your consent, we may communicate your personal data with our subcontractors.

Signature Prestige demands that his service providers use your personal data only to manage the departments for which we ask them to supply. Signature Prestige also asks to his persons receiving benefits to act always in accordance with the applicable laws regarding protection of personal data and to grant a particular attention on the confidentiality of these data. In the pursuit of this objective, Signature Prestige verifies beforehand the conformity of his subcontractors.

Besides, Signature Prestige does not reveal your personal data in third parties, except if:

  • You (or your administrator of account acting on your behalf) formulate the demand or authorize the disclosure
  • The disclosure is required to handle transactions or supply departments for which you asked;
  • Signature Prestige is forced to it by a governmental authority or a regulatory authority, in case of judicial requisition, of summons or of any other similar governmental or judicial requirement, or to establish or forbid a legal demand;
  • The third party acts as agent or of subcontractor of Signature Prestige in the execution of the departments (for example, use the departments of a company of telecommunications).

At present the addressees of data are:

  • GODADDY : outsourcing of the cloud of production;
  • Autres : Independent (s) in mission for specific services.

These companies are in accordance with the regulation RGPD.

Time of conservation the data

As specified in §3.1, we do not keep personal data on the waiter of the web, safe site for the following cases:

  • Newsletter list: the time of the registration, up to the deregistration of the USER;
  • List of subscription to the blog: the time of the registration, up to the deregistration of the USER;

Comment on the blog: 36 months (3 years) from the last comment. Signature Prestige deletes the personal data of the inactive people for 3 years of the database and the places in a base of exclusions.

Then, every 13 months Signature Prestige asks for more of the consent of the USERS of the web site for the treatment of cookies.

4. Cookies use

By the present document, Signature Prestige informs you clearly about the personal data processings which he implements within the framework of his activity, how the data are collected, used and protected.

You can choose at any time to deactivate or to activate cookies. These cookies have for object to register the information relative to the navigation on the web site (date and time of the consultation, consulted page, date and time of the click, the place of the click, etc.). This information allows Signature Prestige to personalize the web site, to facilitate the access to the sections, etc.

Cookies used on our web site belong to the following categories:

  • Cookies named « Techniques » :
    These cookies are essential to the navigation on our web site;
  • Cookies named «Functional» :
    They allow us to remember your preferences and to help you to use our web site. These functional cookies are not essential to the smooth running of the web site, but they offer additional features and they allow to propose you an optimal navigation ;
  • Analytic Cookies :
    They allow us to keep(preserve) data in our tool of analysis of traffic and use of the web site;
  • Advertising Cookies :
    They we do not use this type of cookies. Our web site is without advertising.

Purposes of cookies

We remind you that the refusal of cookies may modify your conditions of access to our web site as well as their use (ex: consultation of our videos, preservation of the information of identification, reception of the personalized recommendations, etc.).

To manage cookies as closely as possible to your expectations we thus invite you to parametrize your browser by taking into account the purpose of cookies such as mentioned above.

Configuration of the browser

Only the issuer of a cookie may read or modify the information contained in this cookie. No cookie allows us to identify your registry civil status. You can oppose the recording of cookies two manners:

By deactivating in a temporary way since the bar of information Cookies present in the bottom of

By parametrizing your browser in the following way:


  1. On your computer, open Google Chrome
  2. In the top-right angle, click on ” More Parameters “. Below, click Advanced Parameters.
  3. In the section ” Privacy and safety “, click ” Parameters of the contents “?
  4. Click Cookies.


  1. Choose the menu “Tool” then “Options”
  2. Click the icon “Private life”
  3. Locate the menu “Cookie” and select the Options which suit you.


  1. Choose Safari > Preferences
  2. Click Privacy
  3. Select the Options which suit you.


  1. In Microsoft Edge, reach in More > Parameters
  2. Select ” To post the Advanced Parameters “
  3. Under Privacy and departments > Cookies, select the Option which suits you.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Choose the menu “Tools” (or “Tools”), then ” Internet Options ” (or ” Internet Opted “)
  2. Click the tab “Privacy”
  3. Select the level wished by means of the cursor.


  1. Choose the menu “File” > “Preferences”
  2. Private life

Warning: if you choose to refuse the recording of cookies in your computer or if you delete those who are registered there, we disclaim all liability for the consequences connected to the functioning degraded by our departments resulting from the impossibility for us to register or to consult cookies necessary for their functioning and whom you would have refused or deleted.

5. Storage place of the data and the transfers

The servers of hosting used for the storage of the data are exclusively in EU. Signature Prestige reserves the right to reach the personal data of the USER, to keep them and to share them in answer to a legal demand(request) (search warrant, prescription of a court or other one) if the Law obliges us there.

6. Hosting of the personal data

Your personal data are stored either in our databases or in those of our service providers.

Address and phone number(Coordinates) are:

Server managed by GODADDY

To insure the safety of your personal data, we verified beforehand the putting in conformity of these company the regulations in force.

7. Portability of the data

Introduced to articles L.224-42-1 of the Code of the consumption by the law for a Digital Republic of October 7th, 2016 and recently by the European regulation on the data protection, the right for the portability offers to the people the possibility of obtaining and of reusing their personal data to answer their own needs, through various departments.

Three conditions must be combined to exercise this right :

  • The right for the portability is limited to the personal data supplied by the USER.
  • It applies only if the data are handled in a automated way and on the basis of the preliminary consent of the USER or of the execution of a contract concluded with the USER.
  • The exercise of this right does not have to carry infringement of rights and liberties of third party, the data of which would be in the data passed on further to a demand of portability.

8. Safety

Signature Prestige takes the necessary measures to protect your information in particular by trying to prevent any access without authorization, even if we cannot guarantee the safety of your data passed on in the web site in the views of the unlimitedness of internet and the development of the technologies.

If you chose a password which allows you to reach certain parts of the web site, you are responsible for the conservation of the confidentiality of this password. We advise you to share your password with nobody and to modify it periodically.

The security measures taken by Signature Prestige are the following ones:

  • Organized by a firewall, and various plans anti-intrusion corresponding to the best standards for our application softwares and servers. More all our computing tools are regularly updated with the last available versions, if they do not hinder the smooth running of the web site;
  • The access to the name specific personal data is limited to the collaborators of Signature Prestige, to the collaborators of our subcontractors, who need to use these data and who received the necessary training “to manage” them correctly and respect strictly the standards of confidentiality;
  • A certificate SSL allows the encryption of the web site and the use of the protocol http;
  • By adopting the recommendations of the CNIL (NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND CIVIL LIBERTIES) concerning the level of safety of the passwords. The passwords of the accounts have to contain at least 8 characters, 1 figure, 1 number and 1 special character;
  • Protections of the server are realized:
    • Via the host of the web site: the archiving will include only 7 last ones days;
    • Via our web site: we make protections stored in EU. We keep the last 3 protections.

8.1. Information of the User in case of security flaw

Signature Prestige and his subcontractors make a commitment to implement all the technical and organizational measures suited thanks to physical and logistic ways of reassurance to guarantee a level of security adapted with regard to the risks of accidental accesses, unauthorized or illegal, of disclosure, change, loss or still destruction of the personal data concerning you. In the case we would acquaint with an illegal access to the personal data concerning you stored in our servers or those of our persons receiving benefits, or an unauthorized access having for consequence the realization of the risks identified above, we make a commitment in:

  • To notify you the incident as soon as possible if it answers a legal requirement;
  • Examine the causes of the incident;
  • Take the necessary measures, within reason, to decrease the negative effects and the damages which can result of said incidental.
  • Warn the CNIL of the incident and the solutions implemented in report in x) damage (s) caused (s).

8.2. Limit of responsability

Signature Prestige and his subcontractors set up ways, but cannot guarantee a 100% result. The components of management of safety cannot offer a 100% protection against all the conceivable attacks. Although they improve clearly the safety, they can replace on no account the human brain.

9. Right of the concerned person / Right of access, rectification, retraction and abolition

According to Data protection acts and the General regulation on the Data protection 2016/679 (RGPD), you arrange rights of access, rectification and abolition of the personal data concerning you that you can practice according to the following possibilities:

  • The forms of contact, audit, of application, partnership: the exchanges via these forms giving rise to no retention of personal data, no deregistration will be available;
  • The forms of subscription to the blog, to the comments: the exchanges via these forms giving rise to a data retention personal, a link of deregistration will be available in every e-mail of notification. A clear procedure will allow to remove its consent and to delete any personal data.
  • The form of subscription to a newsletter: the exchanges via this form giving rise to a data retention personal, a link of deregistration will be available in every e-mail of notification. A clear procedure will allow to remove its consent.

THE USER will be beforehand informed that any abolition is definitive and that any data will not exist any more.

To exercise your law, you can also write us by indicating us your name, first name and the e-mail with which you joined, at this address: [email protected]

10. Résolution of disputes

Any dispute to which the policy of privacy could give rise, in particular concerning its validity, its interpretation and its execution, their consequences and their consequences will be submitted to the competent courts of Paris.

11. Modification of the policy of privacy

We inform you that this policy of privacy may be modified or completed at any time by Signature Prestige in particular to conform to any legislative, statutory, case law or technological evolution.

The possible modifications of our policy of privacy will be published on the Web site and, where necessary, communicated by e-mail.

12. Applicable law and language

The present Policy of privacy is governed by the French law. She is drafted in French. In case she would be translated into one or several languages, only the French text would be valid in case of dispute. The nullity of a clause does not pull the nullity of the Policy of privacy. The temporary or permanent lack of application of one or several clauses by Signature Prestige could not be worth renunciation from him of the other clauses of the present one which keep producing their effects.

13. Discharge of responsibility

Signature Prestige and any third parties involved in the creation of this web site, give no guarantee, explicit or implicit, and assume no responsibility concerning the use of the present publication. As such, they cannot be indebted to a user or another part, direct or indirect, special, particular or secondary damage resulting from the use of this web site or from another web site connected by a hyperlink.

Certain information and data available on the web site are produced by third parties : Signature Prestige makes a commitment to make its best efforts to protect a reliable, relevant, exact and exhaustive character from it, but could not be held responsible for errors, for an absence of availability of the information. The content of any information feedback towards Signature Prestige will be considered for being confidential and free of law. Except explicit preliminary agreement, Signature Prestige can use freely the ideas, the concepts, the know-how or the techniques contained in this communication for information, without limitation, to reproduce and reveal any information in third parties.

14. Contact

Any question concerning the Policy of privacy of Signature Prestige can be sent by clicking by e-mail or by sending a mail to the following address:

Signature Prestige 18 Avenue des Champs Élysée 75008 Paris