We dedicate ourselves to ensuring clients can book rides with ease and the entire process is seamless. As one of our partner travel agents, you’ll share this goal with us and help us to facilitate a smooth and enjoyable experience for the customer. You’ll play a key role in managing travel schedules and itineraries and getting people from A to B. We’ll work with you to make everyone’s lives a little better.

, Join As A Travel Agent, Signature Prestige

Schedule Trips And Earn Cash

 As a travel agent, you’ll be able to earn a commission on each trip you arrange for clients. We give you the chance to earn extra cash with a 5% commission available for flat-rate rides. For the more lengthy trips, you’ll earn double – 10% per trip.

If you are offering a discount on a client trip, these trips will be exempt from payable commission.

We Support You All The Way

 The team here at Signature Prestige has a commitment both to all of our clients as well as to all of our travel agent partners. Each represents a valued element of our business where we prioritize client satisfaction. It is important for us that a high level of professionalism runs through the veins of everyone in the organization to maintain our high standards of service.

What this means is that we’ll support you with whatever helo you need in getting set up as one of Signature Prestige’s travel agents. We’ll get you started and provide you assistance with any early teething problems.

Easy Sign Up

Signature Prestige makes it more simple than ever before to sign up as one of our travel agent partners. All you need to do is fill out some straightforward paperwork online, submit a few details, and we can have you approved within days.

Join Our Community

 By joining Signature Prestige as a travel agent, you’re joining an esteemed team of professionals providing the highest standard of service to clients travelling in Paris. You’ll become a member of an elite team and earn the chance to accumulate revenue through commissions in rides you book.