Our book rewards scheme is available only for those arranging travel for clients. Signature Prestige loves to give back to our partners and reward them for their business.

Preferred Rewards Membership

– You can choose to enter our rewards program and get as many as 20 points right away.

– You will earn 10 points each time you book a ride.

– All booked rides are required to be booked either directly through our website or by phone call.

– Ride booked must be completed through your registered booker account.

– You can also earn 20 points each time you make a referral of other travel agencies to Signature Prestige.

– For each of the initial 5 booked rides made by that person, you’ll receive 20 points.

– $1 will be allocated to rides with each point accumulated.

– Each point is equivalent to $1 towards rides.

Travel agents and event planners will not avail of booker rewards. For the initial 2-month period following signup, access to gift cards and prizes will be available

Get Rides By Redeeming Your Points

– You must have a point balance of at least 100 points to avail of this scheme.

– You will have the facility of redeeming your points in sums of 20 points at a time. They can be redeemed via the website via a specific code, or over the phone with a member of our service team.

– The redeemable codes will be valid for 3 months following the date of issue.

– You must book your reservation within this 3-month window. The booking itself can be for a date after this timeframe.

– Signature Prestige are happy to honour your redeemable points in all countries around the world,

– Your points will be valid for up to 2 years following the issue.